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Array Management Solutions has a long track record of proven results. The following case studies highlight the substantial positive impact Array has on optimizing a business for the future.

Case Studies.

Array Management Solutions brought the small company up to the level it needed to be with:

Ground up.

When a fledgling business needed the right help to grow, Array Management Solutions was there to provide the expertise and change management to bring them to the next level. From operations procedures to talent development, this company needed the full Array of support. 


Without the right support, the company would have continued using their inefficient operating procedures and wasting resources, costing them any opportunity for advancement.

Growth from the

  • Operational assessments and key personnel interviews to determine strengths and weaknesses

  • Reworked standard operating procedures, employee handbook, and training manuals to optimize processes and establish best practices

  • Comprehensive plans for every facet of the company’s operations, including exit strategy, accountability, personal development, general strategy, and contingency plans

  • Customized employee acquisition plan, on-boarding process, and employee bonus plan

  • Improved sales management process with new sales system, bid-no bid work flow plan, performance matrix, staff workflow plans, and customer service satisfaction surveys

  • Ongoing soft skills training for leadership, customer service, and team building

Thanks to the comprehensive and detailed management support from Array, this company is now thriving with an increase in sales and profits. With optimized, clean processes, they have a future of growth ahead of them.

The Array team quickly got to work facilitating a streamlined approach to target the right candidates from the very beginning.

Through extensive research and better database management, Array could more easily identify eligible candidates they already had in their system. 


In addition, Array spent time cultivating relationships with third party recruiting platforms and partners to increase the pool of qualified applicants. Through several hiring platforms, Array took an assertive approach to identify and attract ideal applicants.


Not only did Array’s services take an arduous task off the desk of management, but it facilitated future processes and inspires continued improvements. Thanks to Array Management Solutions, the IT company has stabilized their hiring processes and will continue using Array’s proven methods.

Right Time.

at the

One of the biggest frustrations for many businesses is finding the right employees at the right time. Without a solid talent acquisition framework, even the best organizations won’t have the consistent talent structure they need to develop further. 


This is especially true for IT companies who need specialized skills. One such company came to Array Management Solutions needing help finding cleared IT positions for their team - no easy feat. 

The Right Place

Contact Array Management Solutions and your personalized operations manager will be in touch.

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